History About Wes Harris   Since 1986 Wes Harris has been  an enthusiastic hobbyist in the field of herpetoculture. With extensive first hand reproductive knowledge of over 100 species ranging from birds and mammals to reptiles, amphibians and tropical fish. ball pythons have been his primary focus since 1993.  A special thanks to my mentors :  Bob Jenni, Tony Baum, Joe Branham, Bob Clark, Dave and Tracy Barker  and  Dr Richard Ross. A very special thanks to Dave and Tracy Barker for their help with photos and their continued and non wavering faith in me as both a person and as a scientist. Anyone who is truly serious about the art and science of herpetoculture should get a copy of:  Pythons of The World Volume 2                BALL PYTHONS      The History, Natural History,             Care and Breeding   David G. Barker and Tracy M. Barker                                                             © Wes Harris Reptiles 2011-2015 Click Here to learn more Wes Harris Music 9-17-11 I was 11 years old when I got my first guitar, I took lessons after learning to play Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix. I discovered jazz and put rock and roll on hold along with songwriting. Later during my 20’s I made my living exclusively as a club musician playing  whatever paid the bills. After 15 years of playing somewhere 6 nights a week I decided to quit but after an 8 year hiatus I returned to playing but this time only for my own muse. I am now in the process of recording my first solo album with producer and legendary songwriter Phil Brown. There are some performances of some of my tunes on You tube as well as on my music website. Breeding ball pythons has helped me realize my dream of being a recording artist on my own terms. Check out WESHARRIS.COM for details as this project takes shape over the next few months.  Thanks! Wes Harris