The Finest in Designer Ball Pythons Lavender Albino Snow Ball Python  Wes Harris Reptiles Welcome to my website, “Ball Pythons” (Python regius) are the only species I am currently working with. I maintain a collection of over 500 Designer Ball Pythons. The “Wes Harris Reptiles” facility produced the first, Mojave x Lesser Leucistic in 2003 as well as the first Super Mojave in the same year. Other “Wes Harris Reptiles” firsts are:  The Pastel x Mojave “Pastave”, Axanthic Mojave, Axanthic Lesser, Axanthic x Caramel Albino “Caramel Snow”, Axanthic x Lavender Albino “Lavender Snow Ball” and the VPI Super Pastel Sugar Ball “Sherbet Ball” and the first ever combination of two simple recessive genes in 1999 called the “Yellow Blush Albino”. Here at “Wes Harris Reptiles”, it is my goal to provide my customers with the highest quality captive bred ball pythons , great service and a large selection. I am dedicated to having the most diverse collection of “Ball Pythons” possible. Each year new and exciting mutations are produced by myself and other dedicated breeders.                                         “The Possibilities are Endless!”   On my website,  you will find information about Genetics, Breeding Projects, Pythons for Sale as well as Potential Off Spring. My spare time these days is spent in the recording studio producing CD's for myself and other songwriters and performing my music at concerts and other venues around the World. “Breeding Ball Pythons” gives me the freedom to write and perform music that interests me rather than writing for a particular market or style.   For more information about “My Music” go to          Thank You for visiting, Wes Harris Reptiles   Wes Harris 405-204-6233 © Wes Harris Reptiles 2011-2015 The  Lavender Snow Ball Python ! Carmel Snow Lavender Snow Silver Streak Mojave Ball Python
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